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Raphsodia de mi mundo
Raphsodia de mi mundo
I've seen this before.
This sensation...


Zeki ParallelYuuki's Memories | Smiles from the Heart

[47th Night and 87th Night]
Todo calza la llave de Marika es la que habre el candado de raku o.ó
concusion personal, no es nada confirmado XDDD

Retrace 93: Sharon Rainsworth

Retrace 93: Sharon Rainsworth

"How is it? Taste good? What? The milk isn't good enough for you? 
Hey, hey. It's a hundred years too early for you.
You can start drinking sake after you at
least grow some hair in a few places. Yeah...
When you're a little older... and if you still remember me.
Come see me sometime. I'd be glad to have a drink with you.
Yes, you have my word. A samurai doesn't make a promise
he can't keep. Well, laugh a lot and cry a lot and grow up quick.
I'll be waiting."
a veces pienso que nací para estar sola…



This is what fireworks look like in the day time.

why doesn’t this have more notes holy shit